Moto g6 battery drain issue

Among the problems that we can find in our mobiles, the battery always occupies a stellar place. It is one of the most sensitive elements of the mobile and that depend both on the management of the software and on our own hands and customs of use.

Today we wanted to take a close look at the Moto G6 and the problems that some users have with the battery. It is true that both the operating system and the processor influence the management of milliamps. In addition, other elements, such as installed applications, may limit their duration to a greater or lesser extent. Some mobiles are more or less sensitive to these aspects.

These problems have an easy solution, just like the problems of loading the Moto G6.

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In the case of the Motorola Moto G6, many users have reported problems related to battery life. Recall that the device has 3, mAh and fast charging of 15W, so the day of autonomy should be assured.

The first solution that is giving good results to Moto G6 users is to perform a battery calibration, which fixes the problem of rapid discharge of the device. To do we will have to press the power button until the mobile is restarted. Then we will leave you connected for at least an additional hour. This means that the network of our operator takes to recognize the signal coverage that is in the place where we are not, therefore consumes battery.

The recommendation is to test if the same happens with another SIM card or with another mobile phone provider to see if that is the problem and avoid excessive battery consumption. We take for granted that our charger goes like silk even if it is new, but it can be the cause of the problem. In this case we must try to charge the Moto G6 with both another adapter and another USB cable, making combinations we can rule out that the problem is the charger. In addition, the ideal is to test in a different outlet, in case the fault could come from a plug that is not offering adequate performance.

The Moto G6 went on sale in and did it with Android 8 Oreo. Luckily, Motorola has updated the terminal to Android 9 Piewhich has intelligent battery management and extends its capabilities and duration. Many users have solved their problems after updating, so it is advisable to verify that we do not have any operating system update or patch available for download.

If everything fails, and as a last step before going to the technical service, we can try to restore the Moto G6 to factory settings. This can cause any mismatch of the system or app not detected that is entering into conflict with the hardware of our mobile disappear and make all functions as before. Also, Motorola recommends a series of checks and adjustments to users who have problems with the battery of their Moto G Motorola Smartphone. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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moto g6 battery drain issue

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Stay in touch Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.My Moto G6 decided to stop charging a few days ago. I suspected the charger, so I tried another. Eventually the battery died and the phone shut down. Then something interesting happened; it started to charge for a split second.

It was really only enough to making the charging screen come on and then go off. Then something very unfortunate happened; it tried to turn on. I also used some Deoxit on the USB-C port thinking that maybe there was some corrosion making for a weak contact. That made no difference either. My question is this: how do I get it to stop trying to turn itself on? If you look at the bottom of the screen on the picture you will be able to tell the phone to Power off.

That should stop the boot-loop and let you try charging uninterrupted. Any other suggestions? It should have stayed off after that.

Log into your Google account and see if your contacts, photos and what you care about is backed up. Puzzle no more. I was doing it wrong Actually powering off from the recovery menu rather than just the fastboot menu worked exactly as you said it would.

Now to let it sit and charge for a few days….

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Also, I signed in to Google and looked: no photos or texts. The big things I care about getting are those two. Now, as for your data lets start with your photos. Also… set it to backup on WiFi only. That means a copy on your phone AND your computer or Google photos. On to your texts: This program is recommended a lot here in the Community. I had to go out of town on a trip for several days so it just sat for that time.

Then, I had a friend take it apart and disconnect the screen. After a couple more days on the charger, it finally charged. This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Help Help Center Activation Wizard. Moto G6 charging problems Problem Solving. What phone do you have? Moto G6 What plan are you on? Includes Data My Moto G6 decided to stop charging a few days ago. Thanks in advance.For that reason, we searched for the problems users are experiencing with Moto G6 Moto G6 Plus and Moto G6 Play included and provided you with the solutions below.

And, at the bottom, you can find the detailed instructions for more complex steps. The sound issues cover all fronts. From the low ringing volume to overall bad audio playback performance and reaching to in-call noise. For some users, the front speaker completely died out, which is almost certainly a hardware issue. In that case, we suggest asking for the replacement.

Taking into consideration that the Moto G series comes with an almost clean iteration of Android, this comes as quite a surprise. We made sure to provide you with some solutions to the problem.

Display issues are not uncommon, as well. Some users had a hard time with the unresponsive touchscreen, while others had trouble with the glitchy behavior in some third-party apps. Certain users had a hard time with the fingerprint sensor. For some of them, it was rather slow in unlocking the device. Namely, we found multiple reports about issues concerning connectivity, both with Wi-Fi and Mobile Data network. Either users are unable to connect or the Wi-Fi is turning off and on constantly.

These are usually easy to address and a simple restart should work it out. Allegedly, some users were having a hard time with the network coverage, as one or even both SIM cards had no service network or only emergency service was available.

The SoT for the Moto G6 should be around hours, depending on your activity. However, lots of users noticed a downgrade to a battery life. The battery started depleting much faster after updates, which is not uncommon. The problem most manufacturers have is the lack of proper software to meet the hardware. Besides that, there are some minor camera glitches. Even though camera-related problems are scarce, we still decided to put them on the list.

What goes for the camera, goes for overheating when it comes to the Moto G6. There are some scarce reports of overheating during charging or while using Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot. But, all that falls in the standard behavior. With these general instructions, we can call it a wrap.

If you have any alternative issues to share or might be a solution or two, make sure to post them in the comments section below.The Motorola Moto G6 smart phone, released in Aprilhas a 5.

Below are possible troubleshooting issues with the device, followed by simple resolutions. If you find that the battery for your Motorola Moto G6 smartphone is draining too quickly or is not charging when plugged in, it is likely that your battery needs to be recalibrated. Begin by pressing and holding the power button for seconds.

How to solve battery drain issue in Moto G6 Plus

This will automatically restart your device. Because this step will take some time, it is recommended you leave it plugged in overnight. If the above process does not successfully fix your battery issues, it is likely you will need to replace your battery. If specific streaming apps are not playing any sound, resetting the app should fix this issue. This should restore the app to its original settings and resolve any sound issue. Be prepared to re-enter log in information for the app and reset any preferred settings that you had before.

If your Moto G6 is producing no sound whatsoever, first try cleaning the speakers. If the issue continues, your phone speaker may be broken.

This will require a speaker replacement. The device may be lagging or freezing due to apps running in the background. In order to fix this, you could try the following:. If the lags and freezes persist, try updating your device through the settings menu. If the device is already updated, you can also try resetting your phone to default factory settings in the settings menu. Below are some solutions to fix this issue:.

Motorola Moto G6 problems and their fixes

This includes a sensitive LCD display touch screen or screen flickering. Boot the device into Safe Mode to determine if the issue is due to a third-party app. To do this:. If the issue on the device has disappeared, then a third-party app was likely the cause.

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To resolve this, you should remove any untrusted or recently downloaded apps that could be causing issues to your device. Select suspected apps that you wish to delete.

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If the problem persists, or if Safe Mode did not resolve the issue, then you should clear the cache partition through Recovery Mode.

A physically damaged screen can cause further issues within the LCD Display. If the LCD Display is physically damaged, then a replacement screen will be required. My Moto g6 will not allow both hearing aids to be connected most of the time only one. Please advise as to what to do to resolve this issue. Amber Kreier - March 7 Reply.Motorola has been among the mobile companies that have been moved from one owner to another quite too often. But after landing in the hands of Lenovo, the company has been striving to deliver not just great smartphones, but also offer excellent software support.

With the release of the Moto G6 and its variants, the Moto G6 Play and Moto G6 Plusthe company is back in the news offering more features at a lower price point. However, no matter how great a mobile device is, it is a piece of technology after all, and always susceptible to issues and errors.

moto g6 battery drain issue

You should first check and verify the battery drainage, BTW. Considering that the Moto G6 is running Android 8. Did the above fix the battery outage problem for you? Even on other Android OEM devices such as the Essential Phone, the screen stuttering issue and display scrolling lag were heavily documented.

It seems some reports of a similar issue have surfaced on the Moto G6 as well, with users being affected with input lag when using the touch display and unresponsiveness when scrolling.

Users of the older Moto G5 and Moto G4 had also complained about dropped Wi-Fi network connections in the past, and it seems from the feedbacks that the issue is persisting on the new device as well. Since the Moto G6 is just getting out in the market, there is the possibility of you facing issues that the usual fixes cannot resolve.

In this case, you need Motorola to resolve the issue for you, but you need to send them a bug report first.

Motorola Moto G6 Troubleshooting

You can let Motorola help you diagnose and fix the issue by enabling the Developer options and then toggle on the following options:. Once you face a specific issue, press and hold the Power button and choose Bug Report and wait minutes until the bug report is collected. You can then share the bug report with the Moto-Lenovo Support people and get the issue officially diagnosed and fixed.

Related : Redmi Note 5 Pro vs. Moto G6 and Moto G6 Plus. While sieving through the forums, we came across certain technical questions that users had and it seems important to address them. Since Google Pay is quickly becoming the industry standard for mobile payment, users have been expecting the NFC chip to be included in the Moto G series. All the way back with the Moto G first generations, the company introduced the notification LED, but the feature had since gone missing on the successors.

Software support for the Moto G series has been less than perfect ever since the beginning, but things might just change now. Have an issue on your Moto G6 that needs fixing? While briefly being persuaded by the iPhone, he made it back to the Android camp with the OnePlus One and has been a loyal comrade since. Is Project Treble supported by the Moto G6? Fixes Issues Moto G6 Solutions. How to fix Google Duo unable to send request problem when signing up with a phone number April 9, Submit Type above and press Enter to search.

Press Esc to cancel.I am ordered by my boss to test the new Moto G6 smartphone to find any flaws before we start deploying them to the rest of the firm. I think something is wrong with the software that reads the battery values, since the battery seems to be holding up pretty well.

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Since I got the phone about a week ago, I started noticing that the phone powers down when I charge it. When I wake up in the morning, I see that the battery percentag is still the exact same as the night before.

This percentage stays the same through the day, even when I am using it continouisly.

moto g6 battery drain issue

It simply does not change. The first 15 minutes, it doesn't charge, it just loses battery 1 percent after the other. Is it possible to give me an explanation for this behaviour or deploy a fix? I am really in need to find a new company phone for our employees and since we've been using the moto series since the G3, I would like to keep using your brand.

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We'd like to know more about this concern. Would you please update your profile with the IMEI number of your phone? Is it okay if we look into your apps? This will help us investigate.

Make sure that your Motorola Privacy is enabled. If you need a reference in updating your profile, please click this link. Thank you. I will have this checked. In the meantime, please go ahead and do a battery calibration on your phone. When the screen goes dark, release the Power button and the phone will automatically reboot.

Plug the phone in and let it charge overnight, using only the charger that came in the box with the phone. This process will reset the battery table and allow the phone to calibrate overnight.

Hello I just purchased the Moto G6 and the turbo charging Is working good but battery back up isn't good. We're hoping this does not persist for you. Since you just activated, a lot of factors depends on the same as e ven if you are not using the phone, there are applications that are still running in the background that may contribute to phone battery performance. Have you looked at your battery graph to find what is causing the discharge? Please update your profile with current phone, carrier and serial number -- this will help me investigate.

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